The Fashion of Sustainability: Transforming Practice

The clothing and textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world. The first? Oil. When we think of pollution, we imagine coal powerplants, landfills of waste, raw sewage, black smoke and thick smog, strip-mined mountaintops. It’s an image refined and curated by the contrast between headlines of oil spills and burning forests and glamorous, glossy images of beautiful clothing, jewelry – the latest fashions.

The EPA reports that 15.1 million tons of textile
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Supercharging the Battery: The Pursuit of Safety and Power

Batteries have the power to transform our lives — they already have. First developed in the 1970s, lithium-ion batteries have expanded into a $7 billion industry. They power our phones, computers, cameras, radios, e-cigarettes, tools, and wheelchairs. They power our electric cars. They could even power electric planes. Lithium-ion batteries have the potential to unseat fossil fuel-based technologies and drive sustainability efforts to transition to clean energy sources. But they haven’t. Not yet, … Read More

Altru Member Nakul Saran appointed COO of Sea the Future

This October, Altru Member Nakul Saran was appointed to COO of Sea the Future, an initiative by the Minderoo Foundation that works to end plastic waste globally. Sea the Future asks industry leaders to take the first step in fighting plastic pollution by making voluntary contributions to global recycling, collection, and environmental remediation efforts. 

Having grown up in Mauritius, immersed in island culture, Nakul’s formative years were shaped by his relationship to the … Read More

Fashion 4 Development Leads the Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Like Altru Institute and its close relationship with the United Nations, F4D has established itself as a global platform that supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by harnessing the power of the fashion and beauty industries. F4D realizes that apparel brands are well suited to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal 12 for responsible consumption and production, due to the complexity and expansiveness of their footprint.

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Davos Strategy for Sustainable Global Impact

We believe that innovation and technology can help resolve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Our objective is to assemble a small and dynamic group of high achievers who want to make sustainable global impact. This starts by creating an inventory of the major players and innovations in our key areas of focus: Energy, Climate, Sustainability, and Health. This research is being led by fellows at the Altru Leadership Academy at the United Nations, thereby … Read More