Altru Member Nakul Saran appointed COO of Sea the Future

This October, Altru Member Nakul Saran was appointed to COO of Sea the Future, an initiative by the Minderoo Foundation that works to end plastic waste globally. Sea the Future asks industry leaders to take the first step in fighting plastic pollution by making voluntary contributions to global recycling, collection, and environmental remediation efforts. 

Having grown up in Mauritius, immersed in island culture, Nakul’s formative years were shaped by his relationship to the ocean and to the lives dependent on it. His childhood, together with his experiences traveling the globe for work and pleasure, cemented his lifelong commitment to protect the world’s oceans.

Nakul Saran grew up in Mauritius as the son of a diplomat.

He received his Master’s Degree in Ocean Engineering and Engineering Management from Florida Institute for Technology. 

After graduate school, Nakul worked at McKinsey & Company on a series of consulting projects, most notably the Oceans & Fisheries service within Sustainability and Economic Development. His position took him around the world, developing governments’, agencies’, and philanthropic organizations’ impact capacity.

Sea the Future is a global industry-led initiative that encourages plastic made from plastic – a circular economy that ends plastic waste.

As a Senior Advisor at both Rare and Tata Trusts, Nakul worked to transform small scale fisheries and empower coastal communities.

Nakul will be joining our delegation in Davos for the Altru Winter Summit. We will be hosting a Meetup at the Clubhouse for all those interested in ending plastic waste. Find out more about our Summit here.

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