Fashion 4 Development Leads the Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Like Altru Institute and its close relationship with the United Nations, F4D has established itself as a global platform that supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by harnessing the power of the fashion and beauty industries. F4D realizes that apparel brands are well suited to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal 12 for responsible consumption and production, due to the complexity and expansiveness of their footprint.

Evie Evangelou created Fashion 4 Development (F4D), to help individuals and businesses in the global fashion industry to understand clearly the facts on how to make effective decisions for production environmentally, socially & economically. F4D provides the resources, expertise, and solutions to produce more sustainable apparel by caring for our workers, taking steps to conserve environmental resources and building a stronger global community.

 Victoria Beckham (left) and Evie Evangelou (right) at the Fashion 4 Development’s 5th Annual Official First Ladies Luncheon – Red Carpet Arrivals – New York City, New York, United States – Monday 28th September 2015 

“These are the women behind the men in these countries, and they have a lot of access to assisting and helping mobilize things within their countries — even if they don’t physically get involved on the ground with some of the programs and initiatives, by having their blessing and participation, it’s easier for us to work within that country,” F4D founder and president Evie Evangelou describes of the process of organizing the world’s most influential women to come together for the event each year.

“They all love fashion, and they all want to use this dream of fashion to uplift people.”

Evie Evangelou Founder and CEO of Fashion 4 Development

In 2011 Evie Evangelou founded F4D in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and “Every Woman, Every Child”, the UN initiative spearheaded by Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

F4D builds upon the core leadership principles of the 4Es: Educate, Empower, Enhance and Enrich, and activates partnerships that promote the fashion and textile industry, advance economic and social development activities, preserve the culture and empower women. In 2015 F4D committed to supporting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and place a significant focus on sustainable lifestyle practices for a healthier world. Fashion 4 Development’s message to promote positive social change is received with open arms around the world, with initiatives in over 20 countries.

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