We have identified four significant global challenges where we can add unique value and around which we are building communities. Within each, we have identified specific projects that we hope to have in motion in 2019 which is characterized by Salons in multiple cities and a Summit

Artificial Intelligence & Humanity

Here we look to identify the impact of rapidly accelerating technology has on society with the goal of ensuring that these advances are as positive as possible and do no harm or reduce the risk of harm.

  • AI and Future of Work. AI and robotics could fundamentally change the concept of gainful employment requiring a rethink of work and associated pay.
  • AI in Health.  New AI tools, as well as robotics, can greatly improve diagnostics and treatment in all areas of health requiring careful consideration of the impact of age and survival/growth rates on society.
  • AI Governance. AI and ‘Big Data’ has great potential to affect policymaking. At the same time, AI and robotics may in itself require a policy that, in a global setting, will need to be adopted globally. We consider these regulatory aspects.

Health & Wellness 

In this area, we address overall opportunities and the major challenges as populations age, technology advances, and AI develops.

  • Cancer. We have launched the global cancer consortium to build what we believe is the most complete database of cancer ventures in the world.  Link to Summary Page.
  • Dementia and Alzheimers. We are now conducting global research on all of the major players in this field.

Energy & Planet

The goal is to explore technologies to provide global energy needs without environmental harm.  We also seek to foster heightened awareness. Strategies:

  • Carbon consciousness. Increase awareness at an individual level to reduce energy and natural resource consumption.  
  • Carbon reduction. Cold fusion and the further potential of nuclear energy to generate with carbon emissions.
  • Carbon recapture. Technologies and ideas to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.


The world is facing challenges as globalization and conflict, immigration and displacement of 60 million people has created significant challenges. Never has it been more important to find new approaches for these challenges.

  • Refugees and immigration. Creating new cities to replace refugee camps. 
  • Sino – US Relationship. The relationship between US and China needs a new approach.