We have identified Two significant global challenges where we can add unique value and around which we are building communities in 2020.

The Global Virus Project

Altru Virus Project provides a platform to accelerate progress to address infectious disease and the devastation that can result from pandemics.This will be possible by fostering a community of scientists, entrepreneurs and impact investors focused on the discovery of breakthroughs — a network with both the will and capacity for impact.These breakthroughs will happen when connect the most innovative approaches with the most talented – those create, develop, fund, commercialize and deliver results. Scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs and impact investors. Anyone with an idea is welcome on our platform. Three Core Benefits:

  • Confidence. Our members gain confidence and are highly informed. We scan the globe to deliver the vetted information that is most important that we catalogue. When they need speed to knowledge on virus, they will search Altru not Google.
  • Contribution. Our members make possible finding solutions that can change the trajectory of our life.  Whether tests, treatments, vaccines, we help the best and brightest entrepreneurs and scientists globally to connect and collaborate. We empower those who are inspired and solving complex problems.
  • Community. We are a community of thoughtful intelligent citizens who want to be part of what happens next. They understand that the world has changed and want to see something good from this which can only happen through engagement and making sure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Global Climate Project

The Altru Climate Project will accelerate technology advances to reduce carbon emissions through the collaboration and coordination among those with the will and capacity to make an impact. The project has three key components.

  • Research Consortium. Universities and incubators throughout the world sharing information.  
  • Impact Investment Network.  A membership organization of impact investors to fund research.
  • Capital Raising. An enterprise to help fund promising technologies and companies. 

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