Davos Strategy for Sustainable Global Impact

We believe that innovation and technology can help resolve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Our objective is to assemble a small and dynamic group of high achievers who want to make sustainable global impact. This starts by creating an inventory of the major players and innovations in our key areas of focus: Energy, Climate, Sustainability, and Health. This research is being led by fellows at the Altru Leadership Academy at the United Nations, thereby making our findings available to all nations.

Altru’s role is to aggregate key innovations, bold ideas, and the most up-to-date information. We connect major players and thought leaders to stimulate conversations and build new networks. We then provide the platform to actualize and scale the most promising initiatives.

We will showcase these ideas at our Annual Winter Summit in Davos, Switzerland in our Clubhouse screening room and through our exceptional programming. This summit, concurrent with the 50th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum, will help us reach those who can make a difference.

Our Clubhouse has a special screening room that will showcase the best ideas we can find that address our theme issues. Our reach is global. Already we’ve identified key breakthroughs in cancer research, responses to the opioid crisis, and an innovative alternative energy resource that generates 5x the output of solar panels – all to be presented in Davos.

The selection process to present in our screening room with continue through December 31st

Exceptional Programming is being developed to address a variety of global challenges. This includes receptions and events on the role of the financial sector in supporting sustainable enterprises and sustainability in the consumer sector specifically in the field of fashion;  empowering women, refugees crisis; blockchain, plastics in the ocean and energy alternatives to address climate change. 

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