Africa 50 Announces Innovation Challenge. Opportunity for Technology Companies.

Carole Wainaina reached the two year mark at Africa50 in March of this year, where as Chief Operating Officer she has helped establish the organization and began to deploy the nearly $900 Million in capital secured from 27 African countries, 2 African Central Banks and the African Development Bank to develop infrastructure on the continent.

Wainaina who has spent most her career in the private sector was recruited away from the United Nations where she was an Assistant Secretary General (ASG) in the Department of Management to take this critical role in Africa to develop an innovative vehicle that develops and provides financing for highly bankable infrastructure projects. Based in Morocco, Carole has gained extraordinary grasp of the potential of Africa and how to navigate this exciting but challenging continent in order to capitalize on its unique potential.

Africa50 recently announced its Innovation Challenge this year, last Mile Connectivity which seeks to identity the most innovative infrastructure and technologies to enable people to connect to the Internet in their daily lives, through fixed and mobile devices. Participants can gain access to financing and support to bring their technology to this vast market. (see related story). She will lead a Salon later this year on Africa.

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