Curated Programming for Davos 2020

The Altru Annual Winter Summit showcases innovative proposals to solve complex global challenges. From treating opioid addiction to removing plastic from the oceans, from making rapid cancer diagnosis accessible to developing countries to securing sustainable alternative energy sources, the initiatives presented in Davos inspire hope in a better future. 

Through sessions, presentations, and receptions hosted in our Clubhouse, Altru will share these ideas with fellow change makers. In leveraging our private screening room and event space as innovation platforms, we can foster new networks and relationships built on one-on-one conversation, trust, and personal engagement.  

In addition to programming organized at the Clubhouse, we provide information on events and meetings taking place across town. This week, concurrent with the 50th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum, is expected to draw 11,000 participants and stakeholders to Davos, with dozens of events scheduled each day. Because of our relationships with organizers, such as DAVO (Davos Association of Venue Organizers), YPO, Ukraine House, and Blockbase, we are able to identify compelling programming and secure event invitations for our members. 

We offer a concierge service to draw together the best events across Davos. We develop a schedule of connections for each Altru attendee that will ignite their interests, empower their initiatives, and link them with others in their field. Our highly curated approach ensures that each attendee makes the most out of their Davos experience, and comes away with the resources needed to build, scale, and fortify their ventures. 

For our Davos delegation, we seek those with philanthropic and altruistic orientations who believe in the power of creative collaboration to address complex challenges. We ask that those interested join us for an interview to discuss passions, goals, and projects of interest, so that we may better build individualized programming suited to each participant. To schedule, please contact

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