Introducing Altru Verticals and Ecosystem Reports

Altru’s goal is to influence sustainable global impact. We do so by identifying global challenges, researching pioneers of new solutions, and presenting the most compelling proposals at our Annual Winter Summit in Davos. 

We have identified four significant global challenges, or Verticals, where we can add unique value. We are working to identify the best and brightest at work on these key challenges. We are curating a collection of the most innovative approaches … Read More

Curated Programming for Davos 2020

The Altru Annual Winter Summit showcases innovative proposals to solve complex global challenges. From treating opioid addiction to removing plastic from the oceans, from making rapid cancer diagnosis accessible to developing countries to securing sustainable alternative energy sources, the initiatives presented in Davos inspire hope in a better future. 

Through sessions, presentations, and receptions hosted in our Clubhouse, Altru will share these ideas with fellow change makers. In leveraging our private screening room … Read More

Introducing the Altru International Leadership Program

Altru International Leadership Program offers an immersive field-learning experience to fully understand the UN and develop advanced communication skills working with groups such as Bar Association for International Governmental Organization (BAIGO) on topics focused on topics such as Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Human Rights and Justice.

The program provides training and education on global affairs with a focus on understanding United Nations complex resources and how to navigate all that it offers.

The curriculum … Read More

Altru Initiates Planning for Winter Summit in Davos, Switzerland

Altru has begun the planning stage for the Annual Winter Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Concurrent with the World Economic Forum, Altru’s Annual Winter Meeting provides an opportunity to establish an appropriate curriculum corresponding with key subjects covered at the World Economic Forum.

Altru also announced long term agreement to secure this property is very important for our overall strategy.

“Locking down this venue means utilizing an exclusive setting where thought-leaders can gather,” said CEO … Read More

Hanieh Sadat launches ImpactX.

Hanieh Sadat has launched ImpactX, a sustainability tech fund, dedicated to solving sustainability challenges through an innovative ecosystem of entrepreneurship, education and innovative uses of risk capital. ImpactX, a global innovation ecosystem consisting of a network of innovation labs focused on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and supported by philanthropic “catalytic” capital, for entrepreneurs, emerging tech companies, students, corporate partners, scientists and policymakers to generate and scale business and tech solutions to sustainability challenges. … Read More