Marie-Cassandre Bultheel Publishes Book on Sustainable Well-Being

Wellness entrepreneur, sustainability advocate,  and Altru Member Marie-Cassandre Bultheel celebrates the launch of her first book, Traité d’Humanité Durable, les 7 Racines du Bien-être, published in France by Editions PLON, and anticipating release in both the United States and the United Kingdom. In her book, she proposes Seven Roots of Wellbeing, or tools to create individual and collective transformation. 

Since her childhood she has believed that everyone in the world is entitled to happiness, and has dedicated her life to creating an environment where that can be possible. She advocates that by building courage, resilience, and confidence, we can develop an inner equilibrium that allows us to live in harmony with individuals and with the world around us. Our individual choices matter; they impact not only our selves but our communities and our environments. Through inner wellbeing, we can make better choices about how and what we consume, how and what we communicate,  how and where we find solutions. We have the power to make conscious individual choices that improve the collective.  

Marie-Cassandre Bultheel celebrates the October 2019 launch of her first book, Traité d’Humanité Durable, les 7 Racines du Bien-être.

“We live in a hyperconnected era through globalisation and communication, which enables to see the global symptoms and understand the cause. When it comes to economic and social crises there are no more borders. A sustainable future will require a more positive way of living in harmony with our fellow humans and our biosphere…We urgently need to create a universal citizenry with a common compass.”

Marie-Cassandre Bultheel

Marie-Cassandre’s background is vast: she worked in the film industry, in real estate, as a public speaker and life coach; she trained as a practitioner in integrative health, studying nutrigenomics, cognitive therapy, traditional and contemporary techniques in emotional and physical healing. Her experiences inform her integrated approach to sustainability.

Marie-Cassandre Bultheel

She is also the founder of ULTEAM, a mindfulness-based intercultural network of global influencers with a shared mission to improve society, empower change, and encourage philanthropy. Along with actress Gabrielle Wright, Marie-Cassandre co-founded The Sustainable Humanity Foundation, which supports the United Nations’ SDGs by promoting individual well-being as the foundation stone to build sustainable humanity.

She will be presenting her findings on the Seven Roots of Wellbeing in conferences, events, and community engagements in both London and Paris. She will also be joining the Altru Delegation at the Winter Summit in Davos.

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