Research Reports: Ventures Emerging from COVID-19

The Pandemic will force significant changes in virtually every business sector. Many will be destroyed others salvaged and changed and new businesses to meet the new reality.  The Virus Project will be conducting studies in numerous areas to understand where the opportunities lie as these radical changes occur. We are commissioning studies on a variety of areas that represent new and emerging areas of investment in a post-covid economy. Each report will identify the underlying market dynamics and the innovative companies pursuing. Research begins from our compilations of curated articles at the news and information site. This provides guidance for primary research which in many cases interviews with those who are leading these efforts. Approximately 10 reports will be completed in the first six months. Here are brief descriptions of the initial reports.

GERM SECURITY. We see this as a vast and rapidly expanding market as virtually all retail establishments and businesses must give comfort to employees and to patrons that their space is safe. Airborne droplets and micro particles from respiratory emissions is primary means of infection. We think the big winner in this will be Ultraviolet light and air flow management systems. UVA and UVB light has a long proven as a successful disinfectant. We see advances in development of systems to make Indoor air near Coronavirus Free. This includes disinfectants and treatment to surfaces that can be virus killing. We do not include personal protective equipment (PPE) as it is related, but a vast industry on its own.  Ultraviolet light appears to offer the largest, but air management and flow systems, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment.

DIAGNOSTIC AND ANTI-BODY TESTS for COVID-19. Testing will be a vast multi billion industry We believe a significant portion of the population will regularly test to determine if they are pre, current or post covid. There are hundreds of firms that will be working now to bring test to the market using a variety of technologies. We are currently doing a study of 160 companies globally that are developing tests. We think the big winner will be those firms who can provide accurate inexpensive and fast tests. Crispr is a technology that may offer that potential.

IMMUNE HEALTH.  Ultimately each person has great influence over whether they get covid and how they react once infected. We think a great appreciation to immune health will emerge as people pay increased attention to what they eat, chemicals that they ingest. We’ve begun a research to analysis 9 different key components to building immune health as well as tools to measure such.

CONTRACT TRACING. We think apps and high-tech solutions will emerge as society develops sophisticated contact tracing systems avoid spread of the virus. The major challenge is privacy concerns and balancing privacy and public health. Surveys indicate that most citizens are very reluctant to participate in a program in which a social worker reach out to all that they have come into contact to encourage and even force self-quarantine. There is also considerable distrust over Tech companies monitoring citizen movement by tracking your mobile phone. We see opportunity for technology apps that enable great control and privacy.

Other reports currently in planning.  The PPE Marketplace. Telemedicine, The Future of Hospitals. Drug Therapies from Artificial Intelligence.  

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