The Decline of Humanity and Rise of Intelligent Technologies

Rehan Chaudhri Publishes Global Report on Global Megatrends. Entitled “The Decline of Humanity and Rise of Intelligent Technologies: Economic Effects of Trends in Demographics, Emerging Innovation, and Automation,” the report is based on compilation and distillation of the world’s leading research organizations, Chaudhri offers 32 distinct conclusions over the course of 55 page report. For each of the following summaries and supporting research is provided.

  1. Global Population is Aging Rapidly
  2. Aging is a Global Phenomenon with Profound Economic Impacts
  3. Emerging Markets are Experiencing Aging Populations
  4. Global Productivity Rises Have Been Muted Over the Past Decade
  5. Global Income Inequality is Rising
  6. Wealth Concentration Rising Across Emerging and Developed Countries
  7. Cost of Housing Increasing Globally Exacerbating Inequality
  8. The World is Rapidly Urbanizing
  9. Urban Congestion is Increasing
  10. Education Vital to Future Improvements in Productivity
  11. Climate Change Close to Catastrophic Tipping Point by 2050
  12. Negative Effects of Climate Change Accelerating
  13. Renewable Energy Becoming Cost Effective Globally
  14. Energy Efficiency as well as Renewables are Both Vital
  15. Energy Consumption in Emerging Market Cities Accelerating
  16. Connected Urban Populations Will Drive Increased Value to Inhabitants
  17. Automation Growing Rapidly on a Global Basis
  18. Robotics Will Alleviate Labor Costs and Restrict Employment
  19. Large Amount of Data Generated Necessitates AI Algorithms
  20. Parallel Processing Methods Significantly Increase AI Capabilities
  21. Smart Cities and Devices Generating Large Quantities of Data
  22. Timeline of AI Achieving Human Performance
  23. AI Economic Benefits Highest in China and Emerging Markets
  24. High Economic Gains to GDP due to AI and Big Data Business Applications
  25. Sharing Business Models Enhance Asset Utilization
  26. IoT Device to Device Communications Rapidly Growing
  27. IoT’s Manufacturing Orientation will Expand to Consumer Applications
  28. EV Costs Approaching Gasoline Based Transport by Mid 2020s
  29. EV Autonomous Positive Impact on Economy and Social Indicators
  30. Emerging Transport Models Support Intelligence over Manufacturing
  31. Digital Disruption Meaningful Impact on Business and Investment Landscape

Chaudhri will be leading a Salon later this year to discuss his key findings. The full report is available to Altru Members. Please email to receive a copy.

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