Bilger Provides Update on WorkingNation and its Re-Skilling Efforts

On July 24, Altru members and guests joined us for an evening discussion with Art Bilger, WorkingNation Founder and CEO, and Joan Lynch, Chief Content and Programming Officer. They provided an update on WorkingNation’s recent progress in the areas of the Re-skilling initiative.

“I believe the most critical issue facing our nation is not just because of the direct impact of economic issues in their lives or the fear of what is going … Read More

The Decline of Humanity and Rise of Intelligent Technologies

Rehan Chaudhri Publishes Global Report on Global Megatrends. Entitled “The Decline of Humanity and Rise of Intelligent Technologies: Economic Effects of Trends in Demographics, Emerging Innovation, and Automation,” the report is based on compilation and distillation of the world’s leading research organizations, Chaudhri offers 32 distinct conclusions over the course of 55 page report. For each of the following summaries and supporting research is provided.

  1. Global Population is Aging Rapidly
  2. Aging is a Global Phenomenon
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Altru Salon: Telomeres and the Future of Digitized Health Care

May 22, 2019 – How AI Can Expand Your Life  

Our speaker, Fred Nazem, is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, one of the earliest venture capitalists, and a corporate architect who has founded and operated or financed several multi-billion dollar corporations.

Rejuvenan, Nazem’s latest venture, uses the revolutionary findings of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Telomere biology is the highly digitized Clinical Wellness platform that may be most scientifically and technologically sophisticated (using AI and Blockchain) … Read More