2020 Vision: Pandemic, Depression and Distrust

The US is facing a very difficult period. The combination of a pandemic that has created a depression and now race riots. A perfect storm that raises the question of whether we can survive a level of pain and sacrifice not seen in 75 years. And serious permanent damage to what has been built over 300 years.

Democracy itself is challenged. Lawlessness in streets. No faith in government and media institution. Bankrupt and frayed social … Read More

Altru Institute Commissions Study on Energy Storage Collaboration

Altru Institute has commissioned engineering students at leading global universities to conduct a global study on progress being made by the private sector to address the global climate crisis. 

The focus is not on governments; instead, the focus is on the private sector, individual innovators, and the potential of technology to advance progress. The study examines the field of energy storage, which most regard as the gate to advancing clean energy. 

“The object is to

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Introducing Altru Verticals and Ecosystem Reports

Altru’s goal is to influence sustainable global impact. We do so by identifying global challenges, researching pioneers of new solutions, and presenting the most compelling proposals at our Annual Winter Summit in Davos. 

We have identified four significant global challenges, or Verticals, where we can add unique value. We are working to identify the best and brightest at work on these key challenges. We are curating a collection of the most innovative approaches … Read More