Altru Institute Commissions Study on Energy Storage Collaboration

Altru Institute has commissioned engineering students at leading global universities to conduct a global study on progress being made by the private sector to address the global climate crisis. 

The focus is not on governments; instead, the focus is on the private sector, individual innovators, and the potential of technology to advance progress. The study examines the field of energy storage, which most regard as the gate to advancing clean energy. 

“The object is to see exactly who is working on this issue and what they are doing. We want to understand the progress being made and the extent of private-sector collaboration in addressing what many believe is an existential crisis.” said Altru Institute CEO Brett Johnson.

Energy storage is seen as one of the biggest challenges to address the climate challenge.

The study will be a global inventory all of the meaningful players and technologies in batteries and fuel cells. It will ask key questions:

  • Who are the major private sector companies taking a lead role and coming up with solutions?
  • Who are the emerging scientists, startups, and entrepreneurial organizations in this space?
  • Who are the leading funders of such efforts? Where are the funds being directed? How effectively are the funds being used?
  • Who is measuring progress? What are the metrics? To whom are they reporting such progress? When and where?
  • To what extent is there collaboration among all engaged? Is competition private, profit-impeding progress?
  • To what extent are governmental entities important? What is their best role?
What are the latest technologies in energy storage?

The first edition of the report will be presented at Altru’s Winter Summit in Davos, Switzerland on January 22, 2020. 

Altru Institute is a New York-based think tank with offices in Davos, Switzerland. The program is led by Altru Affiliates at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Lucerne, Switzerland. 

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