Altru Salon: Telomeres and the Future of Digitized Health Care

May 22, 2019 – How AI Can Expand Your Life  

Our speaker, Fred Nazem, is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, one of the earliest venture capitalists, and a corporate architect who has founded and operated or financed several multi-billion dollar corporations.

Rejuvenan, Nazem’s latest venture, uses the revolutionary findings of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Telomere biology is the highly digitized Clinical Wellness platform that may be most scientifically and technologically sophisticated (using AI and Blockchain) … Read More

Altru Salon: AI and the Future of Education: A Four Dimensional Model

May 9, 2019One-on-one tutoring dramatically increases learning effectiveness compared to the traditional classroom but up to this point it has been far too costly to be delivered at scale.

But advances in AI can now replicate one-to-one interaction in a digital environment, The tutor can be replaced by the computer to deliver a highly personalized learning approach that mimics one-on-one tutoring—and be done at scale. This development offers hope for efficient and economical training … Read More

Altru Salon: AI & the Future of Work

February 27, 2019 – AI and its Impact on the Future of Work  

Experts predict that as many as 50 percent of U.S. workers will see their jobs automated over the next 20 years. What happens when people are no longer needed? What will they do?   

It is the emergence of a perfect storm that could be devastating and it is happening faster than anyone would have predicted. When a person no longer has … Read More

Altru Salon: Venture Philanthropy

May 1, 2019 – Altru members and their guests are invited to join a discussion on the role of Venture Philanthropy.

How can impact investors and venture philanthropists find the investment areas that offer the greatest positive impact?

There is a growing recognition that big global problems cannot be left to government alone. Impact investors, social entrepreneurs and venture philanthropy can do the risky, innovative things that government cannot, to find new solutions to problems. It … Read More