Altru Salon: Venture Philanthropy

May 1, 2019 – Altru members and their guests are invited to join a discussion on the role of Venture Philanthropy.

How can impact investors and venture philanthropists find the investment areas that offer the greatest positive impact?

There is a growing recognition that big global problems cannot be left to government alone. Impact investors, social entrepreneurs and venture philanthropy can do the risky, innovative things that government cannot, to find new solutions to problems. It is estimated that a nearly $1 trillion in philanthropic capital seeking distribution to worthy projects, but the challenge of vetting and due diligence makes this difficult. Altru will assemble thought leaders to discuss strategies to address this challenge such as through development of curriculum for investors and tools to measure innovative social enterprises capable of impact.

Speaker. Leading the conversation will be Barnaby Marsh who has privately advised many of the world’s most philanthropic on how to achieve greater impact and is regarded as one of the world’s most original philanthropy strategists. He has advised on over $2 billion in philanthropic giving, and over two hundred philanthropic projects around the world including the late investing pioneer Sir John Templeton to develop novel approaches to philanthropy at the $3 billion John Templeton Foundation. He is co-founder of Saint Partners and is currently a scholar at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study where he is looking at cognitive aspects of generosity, giving, and philanthropy. 

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