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  • Introducing the Altru International Leadership Program

    Altru International Leadership Program offers an immersive field-learning experience to fully understand the UN and develop advanced communication skills working with groups such as Bar Association for International Governmental Organization (BAIGO) on topics focused on topics such as Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Human Rights and Justice.

    The program provides training and education on global affairs with a focus on understanding United Nations complex resources and how to navigate all that it offers.

    The curriculum … Read More

  • William McKeever “Emperors of the Deep” Film Premiering Spring 2020

    William McKeever is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and the founder of the non-profit organization Safeguard the Seas, dedicated to ocean conservation. He is the producer and director of the forthcoming feature-length documentary film Emperors of the Deep, which will premier in spring 2020.

    McKeever is on a mission to change the public’s perception of sharks of the dangerous and mysterious creatures of the deep.

    “Sharks are unequivocally essential to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. … Read More

  • NEXUS Energy Innovation & Environment Group

    NEXUS Energy Innovation & Environment group joined Altru Institute on July 25 for an evening salon focused on building a more sustainable future through the preservation of the Arctic and Antarctic.

    The Arctic and Antarctic span eight countries, are home to more than 13 million people, and provide habitats for diverse wildlife. Catastrophic ice loss in both the south and north poles due to global warming may lead to large-scale changes in both weather and … Read More

  • Hanieh Sadat launches ImpactX.

    Hanieh Sadat has launched ImpactX, a sustainability tech fund, dedicated to solving sustainability challenges through an innovative ecosystem of entrepreneurship, education and innovative uses of risk capital. ImpactX, a global innovation ecosystem consisting of a network of innovation labs focused on sustainable development goals (SDGs) and supported by philanthropic “catalytic” capital, for entrepreneurs, emerging tech companies, students, corporate partners, scientists and policymakers to generate and scale business and tech solutions to sustainability challenges. … Read More

  • William McKeever’s new documentary, The Health Impact from Ocean Plastics.

    In the United States, the plastics industry is the third-largest manufacturing industry with companies producing a multitude of products from injection moldings to single-use products such as bottles, straws and countless consumer items that are used around the world. The problem is that a staggering amount of that single use plastic is discarded every year, ending up in oceans. Plastic waste is carried to the sea by rivers, canals, harbors and the wind. Microplastics can … Read More