Impact Investment Platform to Premier in Davos

Altru Institute will introduce its impact investment platform at its Winter Summit in Davos on January 20th.

The Altru Innovation Platform will showcase the most promising technologies addressing complex global challenges. Energy, Climate, Sustainability, Health, AI are the primary themes.   Projects already identified in Addiction, Cancer, Infectious Disease. in the Energy space, energy, Battery technology, Solar-powered transportation, and magnetic energy generation.

Altru seeks to source the most promising innovations from around the world. Researchers in US Europe and Asia.

For its Energy & Climate effort, Altru is teaming up with Columbia University to source the most promising technologies on the east coast. This will be the first of a network of hubs in major metropolitan areas throughout the United. States. Similar relationships are now in development in Europe and Asia. Clean energy experts will curate and provide critical screening and due diligence to find the best projects from their region.

Selection Criteria. Impact and Scalability

The selection criteria are based on two core metrics Impact and ScalabilityImpact. To what extent does the project make a material impact on the specific challenge?  Scalability. Can this project be self-funding and profitable such that it attracts sophisticated private capital? 

Companies at all stages are considered but a focus on that near-commercial stage where the Altru global outreach can have the greatest impact. Projects will present in the Screening Room at the Altru Clubhouse in Davos. Short documentaries on each project will be screened and followed by a Q&A with project leadership. These short documentaries will also appear on the Altru Innovation Platform a website that will house all projects.  Altru will also create a YouTube channel to promote these innovations globally.

Altru will leverage our network of those with large Social media presence to drive awareness. Sustainability is in everyone’s interest and engaging communities around this is key. “We have already received indications of support by influencers with large followings to create awareness for the most merit worthy project to gain the visibility to find the strategic partnerships and capital to grow”, said Altru CEO Brett Johnson.

Most of these projects need capital to grow. Altru has begun securing a network of family offices who are keen to find impact investments and have pledged their support.

The capacity to package these projects up to leverage the power of the internet is key.  Altru is actively seeking recommendations on projects that would qualify.  To reach us at

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