Private MET Tour for Altru Members. Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll.

As a special gift to Altru members, we are providing private tours with the MET Music Department. Jayson Dobney who is the curator of Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll walks the guest through the history of Rock & Roll.

For the first time, a major museum exhibition explores the powerful relationship between rock and roll musicians and their instruments. The exhibition is co-organized with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and will present approximately 130 instruments alongside posters and costumes.

Many of rock’s most celebrated and recognized instruments are featured, representing artists across generations and subgenres. In addition to institutional and private collectors, many musicians are lending their performance and recording instruments. 

If you would like to join us for a private tour, Altru members and their guests are invited to schedule a 9 am or 5 pm slot. Because it is a private tour, the time slot is restricted to these hours.

Please contact Rachel for additional information or to request a private tour.

Email Rachel Manek at

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