The ecosystem for re-skilling is vast. Nearly 2000 organizations are involved incorporate training alone.

The largest event was held by MicroSoft and Adecco in February 2019, the first effort of its kind. See Post.

Highlights from the full report. First edition of this global report is planned tobe presented in June at the X.

Major trends. The major trends are in the areas of public policy and putting a clamp on the development of robotics. The investment levels are considerable… more

Associations, Societies and Organizations. There are 23 distinct organizations reported that have at least 3 employees, a budget of at least 1 million and are located. The majority found are located in Europe and the
United States.

Media and Publishers. The largest circulation communications tools are training magazine, which reaches nearly 500,000 subscribers each month with features.

Conferences and Meetings. In addition to the normal training conference, the largest of which is in Orlando Florida during the year, there are a host of small events.

Key Opinion Leaders. The natural thought leaders would expect to come from government and the private sector, We’ve identify 5 major categories of KOLs. Interviews with most are planned during 2020.

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