Altru Cancer Project was created to apply the Altru collaborative model to cancer. The integrated strategy includes:

Cancer Consortium website provides a hub of information on all involved in the ecosystem.

Global Cancer Database lists of over 2200 Cancer focused companies globally.

Cancer Progress Report newsletter provides updates on promising developments at emerging growth companies focused on cancer.

Sector and Area Research Reports provide summaries of the “ecosystems” within specific areas of cancer.


AI and the Future of Work. Artificial Intelligence is having a dramatic impact on society. How can we ensure that these advances are positive? AI and robotics will fundamentally change people’s work lives. Job displacement will have a significant societal cost. Is our education system prepared for rapid and radical change? Can workers be re-skilled?

Altru will assemble the world’s leading thinkers on this subject to discuss strategies to prepare the citizens for the dramatic changes that are inevitable. We will also showcase the most promising ideas, technologies and approaches to this challenge.

Outcomes. By engaging the most talented innovators, progress can be made towards a global strategy that can be broadly promoted. The critical factors that Altru believes must be addressed:

  1. Awareness. Society must become tuned in to the significant risk.
  2. Policy. Employers and Government must collaborate and develop policies to incentivize the re-skilling of workers.
  3. Education. Lifelong learning must become the new norm. All policy must change to ongoing re-skilling.
  4. Culture. Society in general must embrace the notion of change and ongoing learning.
  5. Technology. Advances in technology to dramatically drop the cost of education must be fully utilized.
  6. Collaboration. Public and private sector must collaborate to address this challenge in a coordinated fashion.

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