Higher Education in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Coming Failure of our Educational System.

Rethinking the higher education in the time of Artificial Intelligence.

Northeastern University president Joseph Aoun was the Speaker at the Altru Salon April 16th. The topic was the second in a series that is focused on the future of work and the challenges of re-skilling our population that will be displaced by robots.

Art Bilger, founder of WorkingNation spoke at an Altru Salon in February and provided a global … Read More

Bilger Provides Update on WorkingNation and its Re-Skilling Efforts

On July 24, Altru members and guests joined us for an evening discussion with Art Bilger, WorkingNation Founder and CEO, and Joan Lynch, Chief Content and Programming Officer. They provided an update on WorkingNation’s recent progress in the areas of the Re-skilling initiative.

“I believe the most critical issue facing our nation is not just because of the direct impact of economic issues in their lives or the fear of what is going … Read More

The Big Complex Related Problem of Jobs and Healthcare.

A primary source of the growing uncertainty and malaise among Americans is lack of gainful employment sufficient for a decent standard of living and access to health insurance. These two concerns are primary drivers of bankruptcy, depression, addiction, opioid abuse and suicide.

Who’s Responsible?

Are these fundamental needs the job of government and policy makers or the private sector?  Is a government solution required? Is a single payer system and guaranteed minimum universal income … Read More

Altru Salon: AI and the Future of Education: A Four Dimensional Model

May 9, 2019One-on-one tutoring dramatically increases learning effectiveness compared to the traditional classroom but up to this point it has been far too costly to be delivered at scale.

But advances in AI can now replicate one-to-one interaction in a digital environment, The tutor can be replaced by the computer to deliver a highly personalized learning approach that mimics one-on-one tutoring—and be done at scale. This development offers hope for efficient and economical training … Read More