Revolutionizing the Diagnosis of Cancer: Raj Krishnan

Combining electrical engineering and bioengineering, Raj Krishnan has created a technology that revolutionizes the approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other severe illnesses. Called OmniVerita, this “lab-on-a-chip” molecular diagnostic platform creates opportunities for early detection, treatment response, and recurrence monitoring. 

OmniVerita directly isolates any particle from any solution, without prior processing, in less than one hour. Once isolated from blood, serum, or plasma, the particle, such as cell-free DNA or exosomes, can … Read More

Altru Cancer Project Formed to Support Cures for Cancer

Altru Cancer Project was created to apply the Altru collaborative model to the field of cancer. Anchoring the effort is a membership organization called the Cancer Consortium which is the organizing entity fosters collaboration among all those seeking cures. The integrated strategy also includes: The Cancer Progress Report provides updates on developments in Cancer. The Altru Cancer Database which lists nearly 2100 companies globally focused on Cancer. Three Investor Conferences have been hosted since the effort … Read More

MIT Discovery Advances Cancer Diagnostics

A new diagnostic approach technology can predict how patients will respond to hundreds of different drugs or drug combinations before the patients even take the drugs.

This advance has lead to the formation of Travera a Cambridge MA based startup to commercialize this advance. The firm’s new measurement tool, the Suspended Microchannel Resonator (SMR), reveals cancer cells’ responses to effective drugs faster than ever before. Travera tests drugs, to maximize drug quality and effectiveness … Read More