Collective Intelligence – June 13.

Collective Intelligence. Making Sense in a World of Fake News, Hidden Agendas and Media. As artificial intelligence advances, it remains a question why the problems with social media haven’t been addressed. Altru Institute’s Artificial Intelligence effort has identified an entirely different approach known as “collective intelligence” that looks capable of attacking the problem head-on. In particular, we found a group that has figured out how to store thinking. Best described as a cross between Wikipedia and Facebook, this organization has spent several million dollars to create a digital mind for every user. The group is currently focused on designing a user-friendly, mass-market platform for release in the next several months. Perfectly timed for the 2020 election and “social intelligence” in general, this technology engine could change the nature of engagement and help advance our efforts in the areas of reducing polarization and finding common ground for the making of sensible public policy.

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