Altru’s mission is to make a significant positive impact on important
global issues. Our model of fostering collaboration among all those
working on specific problems enables significant and rapid impact.

Altru is a unique organization with a unique philosophy. We think we can make an impact quickly on some of the world’s biggest, most complex and vexing challenges.

We are looking for those that aspire to be part of something original, entrepreneurial and impactful.

Members who join the Altru network become part of a community of highly accomplished, altruistically oriented and inspiring people focused on solutions and outcomes.

For this group we offer efficient and effective use of their time and money, life enrichment and a capacity to make a difference for future generations. The unique appeal of Altru:

Legacy/Impact. For active philanthropist we deliver maximum leverage of financial contribution and high impact on some of the most complex and challenging topics.
Insight/Wisdom. We attract leading thinkers who engage with our members an offer insight on matters of significance.
Enjoyable Events. We run elegant events and create an environment that fosters natural, organic connectivity. Fascinating conversations are the norm.
People. We attract diverse, interesting and accomplished people globally. We are very selective and regard this as our core asset and critical to our brand.
Advancement. We can make a material impact on the commercial interests of our members by leveraging the power of the Altru network.

Membership. Altru’s tiered membership facilitates a range of engagement from attending.

Salons to deep involvement in specific initiative.

Qualifications. IQ, EQ, AQ. Altru has developed a metric to assess potential members. In addition, to accomplishment we consider three characteristics:

  1. IQ. Intelligence. Capacity to grasp abstract ideas and to add value to the conversation
    with thought and analysis.
  2. EQ. Emotional Intelligence. The degree of communication skills, team orientation
    and positive personality.
  3. AQ. Altruism Quotient. This measures orientation to our core philosophy.